Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Jack Kemp: "Leave personal accounts on the table"

Jack Kemp: Leave personal accounts on the table:

"'Meet the Press' moderator Tim Russert asked Durbin: 'So as long as the president insists private and personal accounts are on the table, will you not sit at the table?' Durbin responded: 'I don't believe that we can. ... If the president takes privatization off (the table) ... we're ready to sit down on a bipartisan basis and put everything on the table.' Durbin is saying Democrats are willing to sit down at the table to play only if the president allows them to stack the deck against him.
If the alternative is tax increases, cutting benefits or making people work longer, the country would be much better off if the Democrats filibuster the president's personal-accounts proposal to death this year than if he gives in to their pigheadedness and takes personal accounts off the table. Let the Democrats obstruct passage of personal accounts, if they have the courage, and then let's go to the American people on the matter in the 2006 elections. That's the way democracy works, and we know that whatever the people decide will be right."

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