Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Senator Jeffords Will Retire!

Senator Jeffords Says He Will Retire Next Year: "Senator James M. Jeffords, the independent Vermonter whose defection from the Republican Party in the spring of 2001 gave control of the Senate to the Democrats for 18 months, said today he would not run for re-election next year because of his and his wife's health...

...CNN reported this afternoon that an apparently confused Mr. Jeffords had recently appeared in the House of Representatives, where he served earlier, and been told that he was in the wrong chamber...

...Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor whose presidential campaign soared early and flamed out almost as suddenly, had also been rumored to be contemplating a Senate run. But he told reporters today he would stay in his current post, chairman of the Democratic National Committee."
Best wishes to the Sen. and his wife...and with respect I am glad he will be gone.

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