Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dean v. Russert

From Bob Novak : "...anticipation of Howard Dean, cut loose and unmuzzled, on 'Meet the Press' Sunday is unsettling for the party's faithful. This will be his first exposure as chairman on a major network interview, and Russert predictably will be well prepared with a rap sheet of the chairman's verbal assaults. The prospect that Dean will make juicy additions to that collection unnerves Democrats."
Bob handily goes through a run-down of Chairman/Gov./Dr. Dean's faux pas. I can say Bob because I have had drinks with Novak and his wife after an ACC basketball tournament game in a USAir Club. It was G&Ts all around and they were, and I'm sure are, very nice people in person. Novak is a huge Maryland fan and I'm with Wake.

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