Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Racial Preference in Education

Carolina Journal | Carolina Journal | John Hood's Daily Journal: "'s fair to say that the best evidence leans against Bowen and Bok's thesis that lowering admissions standards for minorities has no adverse effect on their college performance, which has the additional disadvantage of being severely counterintuitive.

If preferential policies don't produce the desired result, why do college administrators and state policymakers continue to promote them? Here's where I think Gryphon really nails it. 'Affirmative action programs are the primary way that college administrators offer an institutional apology for the exclusionary policies of decades past,' she writes, so it is 'an expressive act as much as a policy decision.'

It is all about intention, in other words, and an intention that can scarcely be faulted given the racially charged history of UNC and state government in general. But good intentions don't make good laws."

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