Thursday, June 30, 2005

Iraq Not Quagmire

OpinionJournal : "Regarding Mr. Kennedy's 'quagmire' claim, General Casey had this response: 'I thought I was fairly clear in what I laid out in my testimony about what's going on in Iraq, that you have an insurgency with no vision, no base, limited popular support, an elected government, committed Iraqis to the democratic process, and you have Iraqi security forces that are fighting and dying for their country every day. Senator, that is not a quagmire.'

General John Abizaid of the U.S. Central Command stressed this point last week. Troop morale, he said, has never been better. But 'when I look back here at what I see is happening in Washington, within the Beltway, I've never seen the lack of confidence greater.' He added that, 'When my soldiers say to me and ask me the question whether or not they've got support from the American people or not, that worries me. And they're starting to do that.'"

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