Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Mother Who Lost Her Son in Iraq Writes...

Beth Houck is a resident of Mount Ulla, NC and wrote a letter last week, a portion of which follows Son's death should not be in vain: "As a gold star mother - that means I lost a son in combat - I was very much interested in the Salisbury Post's article dated June 13 regarding the altered position of Congressman Walter B. Jones on the War on Terror.

You may remember that this man coined the phrase "freedom fries" to show support of our military and disdain for France's lack of help in the War on Terror in Iraq. You may also remember the genuine concern the Post showed in reporting the loss of our son, Lance Cpl. David Houck on 26 November 2004 at the Battle for Fallujah. I have since returned Congressman Jones' letter of condolence with a personal letter expressing my concern for his change of position. I've also talked to several combat veterans and seasoned veterans from World War II who share my same sentiments. I'll explain...

...If Congress gets involved in telling the military what to do, such as demanding a timetable for a pullout from Iraq, then my son WILL HAVE DIED IN VAIN. I will have to tell his daughter that he died only to have the insurgents who hate freedom take over Fallujah again.

Germany never attacked us; yet FDR led us into Europe to free them from a mad man. Truman finished that war and started one in Korea when North Korea never attacked us. John F. Kennedy led us into the Vietnamese conflict in 1962 when Vietnam never attacked us. Clinton sent troops to Bosnia without U.N. or French consent when Bosnia never attacked us. Ask Iranians and the Kurds in northern Iraq about chemical weapons. They bear the scars today.

I will close with a quote from Gen. R.A. Huck, presently commanding Marines in Iraq:

"We are finding that most Iraqis want to live in peace. We are giving them the opportunity to take hold of their own future and build a better Iraq for their children. Your family's great sacrifice has helped to make that possible. Thank you for your courage. You continue to be in our prayers."

Therefore, will you join me in asking Congress to leave the military alone to do bravely, professionally and effectively what they are trained to do? "
Please read all of her letter; it is claer and from her heart. I am sure President hears this over and over during his unpublicized meetings with the families of lost loved ones.

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