Friday, June 29, 2007

TNR on Dem's Debate

Michael Crowley from The New Republic's blog The Plank on last night's Democrat Presidential debate:

I found myself thinking that Hillary Clinton is on track to be the next president, and that Barack Obama is always slightly unsatisfying in the shadow of his amazing 2004 Democratic convention speech. There were some decently substantive conversations, and lots of "we need" to do this and "we must" do that--but virtually nothing new or surprising was said. One of the few things that sticks with me, in fact, was Mike Gravel's very interesting outrage over racial disparities in the war on drugs--and how little interest the other candidates had in siding with him.

By the way, in a first ever, I agree with Mike Gravel (what?) on this one observation of his regarding racial disparities in drug convictions and I would add income to that situation also.

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