Saturday, February 19, 2005

Kausfiles: "JFK2, We're Just Not That Into You!"

How to get the message to Dems 2004 loser? By Mickey Kaus:

"The 180 Solution: Has John Kerry signed his Form 180--allowing journalists full access to his military records--yet? He told Tim Russert he would! ...'Yes, I will.' ... Not much wiggle room there (though Kerry then seemed to ineptly try to craft an 'only-if-everyone-else-signs-theirs' loophole). ... Maybe Form 180 is the magic answer to the how-to-get-hm-to-go-away dilemma. Something Democrats could unite around!"

Thomas Sowell's last column also made a huge point on Kerry's Form 180. [Update-next post.]

I doubt if we ever see full disclosure of the records as it will clearly show the details of Kerry's original US Army discharge prior to the disclosed discharge during the Carter Administration - years after Kerry left the service and after the Carter pardon of almost all Vietnam related situations.

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