Monday, February 21, 2005

Schwarzenegger is Correct on Gerrymandering

Schwarzenegger is right in his efforts to end political gerrymandering in California. I hope he succeeds and that the result becomes models for the rest of these United States. I know it is a pervasive problem in North Carolina and Texas and I suspect most states as well.

Jeff Jacoby: "The beauty of redistricting reform is that there is nothing partisan about it. It doesn't empower Rs at the expense of Ds, or Ds at the expense of Rs. It empowers voters at the expense of politicians..."

"...An end to gerrymandering would be an extraordinary shot in the arm for American democracy, once again making legislative races exciting and responsive. This is the very best kind of government reform -- the kind that can unite conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats. No, honest redistricting won't turn real-life politics into a ninth grade civics class. But it will make it a lot more interesting and democratic than the farce we're stuck with now."

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irishlass said...

hopefully we'll be successful.