Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Google Buys Another Web Firm

Google buys Web statistics firm
By Frank Barnako, MarketWatch Last Update: 2:36 PM ET Mar 29, 2005
"WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Google has acquired a software company whose technology could help improve its AdSense and Blogger services.
Terms of the purchase of Urchin Software Corp. were not disclosed by the companies.
Urchin, based in San Diego, develops software help marketers maximize their online efforts. Its tools track e-mails, click throughs on ads and conversions to sales. They are used by companies including all 100 members of the Fortune 100, Urchin said.
Adding Urchin features to AdSense could help Web sites' operators better track the effectiveness of their site and its advertising efficiency. Users of Google's Web-log service could also benefit from statistical analysis of visits and page reads. It is possible Google could offer the services free or for a fee."

Again MarketWatch is free with all kinds of neat services.

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