Thursday, March 31, 2005

NRO on Schiavo: 'Killed by Euphemism'

From National Review Online (and inserts and bold added): "There was an honest, forthright case for ending the life of Terri Schiavo. It was that her life no longer had any value, for herself or others, and that ending it the quicker the better would spare everyone misery. We disagree with that view, holding it wiser to stick with the Judeo-Christian tradition on the sanctity of innocent life. But the people who made this [the err on the side of life] case deserve some credit for straightforwardness."

"...But while the public may have agreed with the removal of Schiavo's feeding and hydration tube, apparently there are limits to the public's willingness to tolerate euthanasia and apparently its defenders recognized these limits. So we saw euphemism after euphemism deployed to cloud the issues."

"...Perhaps chief among these was the fiction that we were "letting her die."

"...The charade here was not performed to protect Terri Schiavo's dignity but to increase the public's comfort with the devaluation of life.

"...Next time it will be easier. It always is. The tolerance of early-term abortion made it possible to tolerate partial-birth abortion, and to give advanced thinkers a hearing when they advocate outright infanticide. Letting the courts decide such life-and-death issues made it possible for us to let them decide others, made it seem somehow wrong for anyone to stand in their way. Now they are helping to snuff out the minimally conscious. Who's next? "

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