Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Castro Doubles Minimum Wage to $10

Great news from Cuba! All the supporters of a US minimum wage increase should be jubilant. One downer from Castro's announcement is in the fine print in the News: "Cuban President Fidel Castro announced on [last] Thursday the minimum wage would be more than doubled to 225 pesos ($10) a month from 100 pesos ($4.50), effective on May 1.... Castro made the announcement in the latest of his three-hour speeches addressing economic problems endured by Cubans since the collapse of the Soviet Union plunged Cuba into deep crisis.

Castro's drive to improve the lot of deprived Cubans began on March 8, when he announced the distribution of cheap pressure cookers and electric rice steamers for every household. On Thursday, the 78-year-old Cuban leader called on Cubans to save electricity to help the energy-deficient Caribbean island overcome chronic power outages.Castro promised the population new and more efficient household appliances, such as electric fans and refrigerators."
For the math impaired the minimum wage in Cuba based on a 40 hour work week is up to US$ 0.25 - a quarter an hour. Socialism may be great science as a perfectly failed experiment time after time. Lousy economics but repeatable results.

So to everyone that admires Castro and Cuba (Hollywood, various members of Congress particularly Sen. Chris Dodd) you are so wrong. We Americans have to be tough for Cuba to become what the people of Cuba deserve.

My understanding of Cuba came when I, through business, got to know Cuban-Americans in Florida or as I know them: great Americans that came from Cuba. Only through personal relationships did I begin to understand their passion and commitment to this country and to the sincerity and heart they showed me for this country and for the people of Cuba.

I strongly hope that one day, Cuba, (if the people of Cuba wish), becomes a State in this United States.

(Even if if DC becomes a State to balance the politics...)

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