Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ruscoe on Asheville Citizen-Times' Crazy People

Notes From The Culture Wasteland:
"Here's the letter of the day from the crazy page at the AC-T...:
[Asheville Citizen-Times letter to the editor] 'Sees administration as having two priorities:
It should be obvious now to all but the most deeply propagandized minds that this Bush administration came into office with a two-pronged agenda:
1) Destabilize the world militarily for bigger profits for their buddies in the military/industrial complex, and
2) Loot the country - national treasury and all - to give to its political base, the super-rich...'
[Ruscoe:] seems the more they keep losing at the polls and in real-world events, the "crazier" (or more "deeply propagandized") the rest of us become. I'm fully prepared to admit the possibility that it may be me; or it may be [the letter writer] and MoveOn's of the world. But one of us has a real problem. "

I suppose I too am a deeply proprogandized mind. I just thought I was part of the VRWC. Anyway, the AC-T is my daily local paper too so I get a kick out of Ruscoe's blog.

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