Saturday, June 04, 2005

Edwards Running Hard

""I have a range of interests now," Edwards told the Observer in a phone interview Wednesday. "I feel like I'm staying busy, but busy in a good way, working on things I really care deeply about and spending time with my family."

Edwards, 51, has visited at least 15 states since January. Saturday he speaks to Tennessee Democrats in Nashville. He'll visit at least eight more states in the coming months. He declined to say if he's running for office, only that he's doing things and "We'll see where that leads."

Edwards' whirlwind schedule does little to dampen speculation that he's in full sprint toward a 2008 campaign for the White House, an office that eluded him as both a presidential candidate and Sen. John Kerry's running mate last year."
In NC strong speculation exists over whether Edwards will challenge Sen. Dole in 2006 as noted in this blog previously. Sen. Dole is already using that idea in her money raising effort. I personally think Edwards will stick to his national ambition; I also think Edwards would have a rough go of it against Liddie Dole here in NC in a bid to regain a seat in the US Senate.


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