Friday, June 03, 2005

John Edwards Candidate John Edwards appears to be vying for party's nomination: "John Edwards says he hasn't decided whether to make another bid for the presidency, but the former Democratic candidate for the nation's top job appears to be campaigning hard for his party's nomination in 2008.

Edwards, a one-term North Carolina senator who was Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s running mate in 2004, stressed his familiar “two Americas” theme in a speech Thursday to about 2,000 liberal Democratic activists.

“I have no doubt he’s running for president,” former national Democratic Party chairman Don Fowler said in a telephone interview from South Carolina.

Mike Munger, a Duke University political scientist, is convinced that Edwards will run for president. If Edwards didn’t want to be president, Munger said, he would have returned to his law practice after the elections. “He has a think tank and a political organization and is giving talks all over the place,” Munger said via e-mail. “This is costing him $10 million a year, at least, in lost legal fees. So, he is serious.”

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