Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Saturday Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal Plans Softer Edition for Saturdays: "Starting Sept. 17, The Journal will add a Saturday issue named Weekend Edition, with a new emphasis on softer features - entertainment, travel, sports, arts, books, real estate and, yes, recipes. The goal is to attract a more diverse base of advertising to pull The Journal out of its prolonged slump.

The Saturday paper, which will be delivered at no extra charge - at least initially - to subscribers, will have a more airy, more casual feel than its daily counterpart, but will still be instantly recognizable as The Wall Street Journal.

The Saturday issue, which was developed under the code name "Project Propel," inside The Journal's offices in Lower Manhattan, represents one of the biggest gambles in the paper's 116-year history. The Journal is betting that it can fluff up its editorial mix, capture the attention of its well-heeled readers and their families and attract consumer advertisers - all without cannibalizing its weekday editions and, more important, without diluting one of the most recognized and sharply defined franchises in all of journalism. "

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