Monday, June 06, 2005

Rather Contrite - Journo's Rather contrite: "Rather admitted he had improperly defended the story after questions arose about the veracity of its documentation..."I was guilty of standing by and standing up for the story," he said. "I accept the panel's criticism that I shouldn't have done that."

The biggest lesson he learned, Rather said, was that the American people are "fair and fair-minded."

Rather, who choked up several times, received standing ovations at the start and end of his 45-minute appearance. He urged the journos to take their watchdog role seriously and said his biggest worry stems from the American public's "increasing lack of understanding" of the importance of First Amendment protections of the press.

He said his greatest surprise as a journalist came in 1968 when President Johnson said he wouldn't seek re-election, adding, "I wouldn't have been more surprised if Fidel Castro had come riding through on a giraffe."
Note that Rather has yet to say the story was a fake CBS aired - he is just sorry he didn't back off quicker - contrite is not apologetic.

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