Tuesday, July 19, 2005

America's Drug Laws Are So Wrong

Tierney today with Punishing Pain : "...Mr. Paey is merely the most outrageous example of the problem as he contemplates spending the rest of his life on a three-inch foam mattress on a steel prison bed. He told me he tried not to do anything to aggravate his condition because going to the emergency room required an excruciating four-hour trip sitting in a wheelchair with his arms and legs in chains.

The odd thing, he said, is that he's actually getting better medication than he did at the time of his arrest because the State of Florida is now supplying him with a morphine pump, which gives him more pain relief than the pills that triggered so much suspicion. The illogic struck him as utterly normal.

'We've become mad in our pursuit of drug-law violations,' he said. 'Generations to come will look back and scarcely believe what we've done to sick people.' "

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