Saturday, April 16, 2005

Big Sugar

Stephen Moore and Phil Kerpen: "Americans spend about $2.5 billion more a year in higher prices for sugar and food items that contain sugar than if this country enjoyed a free market in sugar...
...One impact of the artificially high price of sugar is that candy makers and other domestic food producers that use sugar as an ingredient have started to export their production facilities in order to get lower cost sugar to keep their prices competitive. A few years ago, Life Savers, the producer of hard candy, moved its operations to Canada to have access to lower-priced sugar. Thousands of jobs are lost in just this way...
...Consumers should be king in cases like this, not the deep-pocketed lobbyists who are employed by Big Sugar. This industry has enjoyed nearly two centuries of protection and has never been competitive. It’s time to put the interests of millions of consumers ahead of the handful of influential sugar producers.
"Big Sugar" is firmly against CAFTA. Again, CAFTA is good for America unless you are in the sugar business or have some other special interests.

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