Friday, April 15, 2005

Edwards Still Campaigning with Public Money

From the Raleigh NC "Edwards, a former Democratic vice presidential candidate and North Carolina senator, believes Americans should be alarmed by the current tax trends in Washington, according to the text of a speech he was to deliver Thursday evening in New York.

While Edwards has deflected questions about his own presidential ambitions in 2008, he has been moving around the country, speaking in 15 states since January, excluding North Carolina.

He is also planning to enhance his foreign policy credentials by visiting the United Arab Emirates and England next month, and India in the fall, according to Kim Rubey, his spokeswoman. He is also scheduled to speak next month to the national Teamsters convention in Las Vegas.

I am sure someone can explain how Edwards' schedule supports his role for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which is a public, state run and funded school. I can't explain how this works or even legal let alone ethical.

Let's speculate that if Sen. Elizabeth Dole retired from the Senate that UNC-CH would create a position for her to travel around the country and the world to "fight poverty" - I can hear the screams now from the media but for Edwards the media apparently believes this is a fine role for a state employee.

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