Thursday, April 07, 2005

The New Republic: Insightful Analysis!

Great observations and overview of current politics from Martin Peretz the editor-in-chief of TNR see The New Republic Online: The Politics of Churlishness:

"It has been heartening, in recent months, to watch some Democratic senators searching for ways out of the politics of churlishness. Some liberals appear to have understood that history is moving swiftly and in a good direction, and that history has no time for their old and mistaken suspicion of American power in the service of American values. One does not have to admire a lot about George W. Bush to admire what he has so far wrought. One need only be a thoughtful American with an interest in proliferating liberalism around the world. And, if liberals are unwilling to proliferate liberalism, then conservatives will. Rarely has there been a sweeter irony. "

Read it all.

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