Tuesday, April 05, 2005

NYC Deliveryman Stranded 4 Days in Elevator

Deliveryman Emerges Safely After 4 Days Stranded in Elevator: "restaurant deliveryman who immigrated from China and speaks virtually no English spent [update from NYT- more than] three days unnoticed in a stalled high-rise elevator in the Bronx as an intensive search swirled around him, the police said today. He emerged this morning thirsty but appearing otherwise all right after someone finally heard - or he finally figured how to trigger - the elevator car's alarm.

...Mr. Chen is reported to be from the coastal Fuzhou region of Fujian Province in southeastern China, where his wife and 12-year-old son live. His family told the police that he had entered the United States illegally and paid off a $60,000 fee to the people who smuggled him in, the police said.

He has worked six days a week at Happy Dragon, making about 40 deliveries a day on weekdays and as many as 60 on weekends. His last delivery on Friday was to an off-duty police officer who lives in Tracey Towers, the police said.

In a 2003 article on its Web site, The Norwood News described most of Tracey Towers' hallways as dark, with few if any light boxes functioning in the long corridors that lead to the elevators, which the residents described as shaky and notoriously unreliable.

"You have to pray every time you get in the elevator not to get caught," one resident told the newspaper."

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