Sunday, April 03, 2005

WSJ on our 264th Pope

The Wall Street Journal editorial board email last night and available on line at OpinionJournal - Featured Article:
"In progressive circles in the West, religion in general and Christianity in particular tend to find themselves caricatured as a series of Thou Shalt Nots, particularly when they touch on human sexuality. But it is no coincidence that George Weigel entitled his biography of John Paul 'Witness to Hope.' For billions of people around the world--non-Catholics included--that's exactly what he was. Perhaps this explains why China, where only a tiny fraction of its people are Catholic, remained to the very end fearful of allowing a visit from this frail, physically suffering man, fearing what he might inspire.

We don't expect the secularalists who dominate our intelligentsia ever to understand how a man rooted in orthodox Christianity could ever reconcile himself with modernity, much less establish himself on the vanguard of world history. But many years ago, when the same question was put to France's Cardinal Lustiger by a reporter, he gave the answer. 'You're confusing a modern man with an American liberal,' the cardinal replied. It was a confusion that Pope John Paul II, may he rest in peace, never made. "

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